Electric Power Systems Center

An MIT Energy Initiative Low-Carbon Energy Center

The Electric Power Systems Center aims to facilitate electrification across the globe in an economic, secure, efficient, equitable, and low-carbon manner and help pave the way for the power system for the future. The center examines both pragmatic and disruptive solutions ranging from development of new modeling tools to breakthrough digital, software, and hardware technologies.


Awardees will use grants to advance research in areas including energy storage, renewables expansion modeling, and the chemistry of electrocatalysts.
MQDC will join MITEI’s Low-Carbon Energy Center for Electric Power Systems Research.
Experts call for regulatory, policy, and market transformation to achieve substantial cost savings for consumers and industry.

Research & Analysis Themes Include

  • Markets & regulation
  • Power system modeling & simulation
  • Hardware, sensor, communications and control enablement
  • Digitally enabled business models, customer engagement, cyber security
  • Electrification of new sectors (mobility/transportation, the built environment)

Core Competencies

State-of-the-art computational power system modeling, simulation, and planning tools:

Wide area electricity resource capacity planning with distributed energy resources
Very large-scale planning tool for electrical distribution networks
Distribution network power flow, locational pricing, and operational simulation with distributed energy resources
End-user demand response and distributed resource economic decision model

Current Members Include

Member Benefits Include

  • Semi-annual workshops
  • Unpublished proprietary analysis and research presented via member-only webinars and at workshops
  • Insights from techno-economic analysis and decision support tools
  • Member participation in formulating collaborative research programs with the faculty committee
  • Participation in the MITEI Annual Research Conference and Symposium
  • Access to a curated web-based library of relevant academic research with links to all MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR) working papers

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